Photo 19 Apr 3 notes powerful peter and the bay bridge #fromwhereirun #sfmarathontraining

powerful peter and the bay bridge #fromwhereirun #sfmarathontraining

Link 19 Apr 14 notes Jesus died for the boy who robbed my friend today. »

read this.


Today my friend and I were at the bus stop on 59th and telegraph when a boy ran up from behind her, swiped her phone out of her hand, and ran away.

i was upset. i am still upset. in fact, i am still scathing and raging and flaming on the inside, and it wasn’t even my phone that was stolen.


Text 15 Apr 5 notes

there is so, so much to learn. 

in absolutely everything. 

i’m preparing for a recording of “we all try” and i’m trying to emulate this piano player ( and i’m seeing so clearly how much i lack, skill-wise.

in some senses it’s frustrating, to be so far from where i want to be. but then maybe i’m expecting too much for right now.

in another sense (and this is the more powerful thought in my head) it’s very gratifying, to have something to work towards and something to emulate.

all my life, i’m sure i’ll be always learning, always improving (hopefully). i want to make the most of the talents i’ve been given, and, more importantly, use them for His glory.

Text 15 Apr 9 notes day 1: 8x400m

day 1 of marathon training. peter and i are preparing for the SF marathon (july 27). we’re both trying to qualify for the boston marathon, which means we have to run under 3 hours and 5 minutes. so peter and i train together. today we did a track workout, 8 repeats of 400 meters. 

it was really rough. 

but i was really glad i had peter there, because if he weren’t there i probably would’ve given up after 6 repeats. blah blah blah *ties parallels to Christian walk and the importance of not walking alone. 

but running is funning. even when it hurts. 

grateful to even have the opportunity and ability to run. 

Video 7 Apr 1 note

umm… yeah… hehe.

hope this is a blessing to you!

Text 20 Mar 1 note

something i wrote to myself a few months ago:

You give up too easily. This does not diminish your worth, or make you any less valuable in the eyes of God. But at some point you will have to learn to fight, and fight hard, for the things that matter. Better you learn sooner than later.

Nothing is impossible with God. From your past experience you might think that you don’t have the strength to give a task your all; you think to all your past failures and let them overwhelm you and keep you from even trying. God sees your efforts, small and futile as they may be, and He will strengthen you. When you fall, He will pick you up. So never quit striving. This is not a legalistic point of view. You do not strive to find your meaning in your work. You strive to honor God with your work, and to be faithful with the things that He has entrusted you with.

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Last night I had a dream that I had an abortion. I was at a big family outing in a bright and beautiful area similar to Lake Merritt. My entire family knew that I had an abortion but nobody wanted to bring it up.

Then, my Aunt Kame and I happened to be walking around the lake alone and she asked…

Video 15 Feb 14 notes

not perfect… but a recording made by God’s grace and his grace alone.

i’ve tried so many times to record this song … but i was never satisfied with the result of my efforts… and i think that was the problem. i was relying on my own efforts and desires in recording it, rather than relying on God’s strength and seeking his pleasure.

i hope this is a blessing to you. it’s made by God’s son, by God’s grace (seriously, i’m surprised i hit the runs i did without making bigger mistakes heh), and for God’s glory.

Quote 15 Feb
What finally affected me was subtler, but more pervasive: I cannot recall a young person who was crazy in love or lost in work or one old person who was passionate about a cause or an idea … I developed a picture of human existence that rendered it short and brutish or sad and aimless or long and quiet with rewards like afternoon naps, the evening newspaper, walks around the block, occasional letters from children in other states.
— Mike Rose, Lives on the Boundary
Text 10 Feb 8 notes

i don’t want to live a life of regret.

if, at the time of my death, all i’ve done is work hard and rise the corporate ladder, or become famous, or make lots of money, i’ll be overflowing with regret. i want my life to have meaning. i want to live for the glory of the King and for no other reason.

the scary thing is that it’s so easy to let time slip through your fingers without realizing the weight of each moment. i want to be so aware of the importance of every moment, and use every moment and opportunity for his glory.

when i do, by the grace of God, i’ll be able to look back and say that my life was a life worth living.

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