Text 22 Jul 8 notes on spotify premium and walking

today i caved and started a spotify premium subscription (students, it’s $5 a month!!!!). premium means i can download songs to my phone for offline listening, which in turn means that i now walk around with earbuds in listening to my jams. 

besides the benefit of discouraging strangers from talking to me (joking, kinda), listening to music as i walk from point a to point b makes me feel insulated, like i’m in a bubble. with my awesome noise-canceling ear-contouring headphones, external noises are muted and dim and i can instead pump whatever sound-drug of choice straight into my head.

today’s insulation was classical music, particularly this. walking around in the grocery market was eerie; walking near people was eerie; taking off my earbuds to talk to the cashier was like poking my head out of a turtleshell. earbuds-in was very cozy, warm, safe—i could pretend i was alone and moving through a dream-world inhabited by unthreatening, hollow, silent automatons. 

yes, i am occasionally antisocial and mildly introverted. 

but solitude and isolation are such a blessing sometimes. to be allowed the freedom of being alone with my thoughts, or to be allowed to take a step back from the outside world and other concerns, if even for just a few minutes—this is becoming more and more precious to me. 

excuse me while i go hide in my turtleshell. 

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have i molded the gospel to myself when i should be molding myself to the gospel?
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it’s an amazing feeling, being perfectly in step with another human being. to be so close to the rhythm of another person that it’s as if you’re their shadow, or they’re yours. to run with another person and hear only one set of footfalls.

you feel closer to that person, you feel unified by the…

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For a while now, I’ve been wrestling with sermons like, “Never stop dreaming! Follow your passions! You’re the game changer of your generation! YOU are going to do BIG THINGS!!” because they actually seem to paralyze me, rather than stir me up.

Because then, we all set ourselves up for…

still questioning this.

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When I am not diligent in spending time with God, tracing His reality in the details of my life, it isn’t that I have denounced my faith, but something much worse—I am not experiencing His fullness in my life, and naturally, it feels a lot like emptiness. Neglecting His…

I seem to be reblogging a lot of stuff from this guy’s tumblr recently…but it’s so so good. Read.

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we are more wicked than we ever dared believe, but more loved and accepted in Christ than we ever dared hope.
— tim keller
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Anonymous asked:

What happens when you lose the fire and it’s starting to feel like there’s no hope? I’ve always been in love with Jesus but right now, I’m feeling hopeless and want to quit everything and just run away from all my problems. How do I regain the…

one of the most important things i’ve learned. ever.

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Text 30 Apr 2 notes

was standing in the shower when i thought, “i just want Jesus.” i have a very quick knee-jerk reaction against anything that resembles neediness. but then i realized—it’s not being needy that’s the issue, but what we’re needy for. most of the time being needy is a problem because we’re needy for things that will never satisfy us or fill us up. it doesn’t make sense to be needy for those things. but being needy for jesus—having a voracious hunger for him—that’s the only thing that makes sense. 

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favorite punctuation mark and why?

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